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LaPolla Painting and Designs Studio was founded in 1988 by John LaPolla Jr., an artist and educator born in New York City, raised on Long Island.

John has operated his business with his family for 30 years; a legacy for three generations. With a strong influence in construction from his father and his artistic and creative sense, he has developed a distinct career developing custom finishes and unique artistic designs. All of these elements have led the crucible that would unite John’s artistic talent and his company to its place in the world today.  

John and his team specialize in color, pattern, and texture to achieve extraordinary finishing applications. He has drawn inspiration from clients, designers, and architects from coast to coast for over 30 years. With over 30 hand-picked employees, many with 20 years tenure, John continues to produce groundbreaking work in the finest homes throughout the United States.



Everything we see is light bouncing off an object. What comprises our view of the world is the outermost layers of any surface. Only a few fractions of an inch, then, add up to much of the color, texture and brilliance in life. 
Our vision, passion, and commitment enliven our hands to develop unique finishes through our inspiration and collaboration with you. Our intention then is to create the look, feeling and experience you desire within your personal space. 
“Surfaces, that is our realm, where we excel, since that is what art adheres to.”     

                                                                                                   -John LaPolla